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"For The Horde Radio" is a podcast delivered from the view of Horde players in "World of Warcraft." We talk about all varieties of topics, including aspects of the game we like (and don't like), funny things that happen on the way to the bank, and how much the Alliance sucks. (and, yes,sometimes Horde)

If you're looking for useful tips and tricks, statistics, quest and instance information . . . this isn't the podcast for you.

If you want to hear fun stories about WoW, rat out the player who ganked you or stole your quest mob, and have a good time . . . you have found your new home!

Episode Fifty
" Goodbye, Farewell, and For the Horde! "

Download Here! explicit November 28, 2010 Size: 102 mb

Here we are at our final show for For the Horde Radio. While there have always been jokes about the length of our shows, this one blows them all away. No one can say our final show was skimpy! In fact, there's even a small five second break half way through the show. Don't think the show is over by that point, not by a long shot! That's just a good stopping point or maybe go get yourself a sandwich.

And what are you in store for? We have our usual cast, including Angry Dwarf, discussing WoW as always, but we also have managed to get Big V to do a segment for this final show! (Unfortunately Zogofxp is still be held by Sylvanas in Undercity and wasn't able to be sprung for the final show.)

We also have one final mod recommendation from Grand Master Z and the exciting conclusion (or not!) of Fishing In The Nether! And there is a special segment sent in by the Off the Air guild for our final goodbye!

We have a reminder of the event being hosted by Window Licker Records on December 10th! Please see our previous show notes for all details and please think of the children.

Big thanks to Saigan of Off the Air for doing this final picture for us!

Special thanks to Bandel of Off the Air for doing up this great picture!

Thank you to all of our listeners for over three years of support! It has been an honor and privilege to share with you all our good times, and bad, in WoW and we hope you had fun listening!

Link to check out:


Episode Forty Nine
" The Mods Are Attacking! Get a Water Bucket! "

Download Here! explicit October 31, 2010 Size: 65.9 mb

The big topic again is Cata and patch 4.0.1. There is much discussion about the changes we've seen and what we anticipate. But more important than any of that are the Candy Buckets! We also have our FTH Radio News Team reporting throughout the show, as rumor of rogue mods attacking Azeroth have been reported.

Also in this episode, and the most important part, is an interview with Brian Layhew of Window Licker Records, LLC. He talks about a huge event hosted by Window Licker Records, which will be taking place on December 10th in the Chicagoland area. If you attend the event, you have a chance to win a Cataclysm or StarCraft II Collectors Edition and all proceeds are going to a fantastic cause! Please take a listen and encourage anyone you know in that area to attend this specacular event!! (I'd go but I'm several hundred miles away.)

Window Licker Records LLC

We also have a new "Fishing In The Nether" (about time!) and, of course, your emails read by FTH's own Angry Dwarf.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in for this show and for listening!

Episode Forty Eight
" Useless Holidays and TLR. What Could Be Better? "

Download Here! explicit September 26, 2010 Size: 80.5 mb

Episode Forty Eight hits the ground running with talk of upcoming Cata. There will be grumbling as we are not liking some of what we are hearing. Getting more and more worried about this expansion.

From there we sashay into Useless Holidays and then discuss the recent Troll event to take back the Echo Isles. Warning! You will be subjected to a "TLR" (Thunder Lore Rant) You have been warned!

Joining us this time around is Anim5 (no, not as Angry Dwarf, he wouldn't do the accent!) and we have a very special guest helping to read your emails!

Thank you for downloading and listening!

Third Year Anniversary Show
" Here There Be Spoilers "

Download Here! explicit August 22, 2010 Size: 70 mb

For the Horde Radio is proud to present our Third Year Anniversary Show! Yes we have actually been doing this for three years now. The pain never stops, does it?

Much talk of Cataclysm and other topics discussed at length. In fact, you may want to go get a sandwich for this. However, there will be spoilers! You have been warned!

Zogofxp joins us for this show and we present long lost segments that never have been aired before. A behind the scenes listen at FTH Radio and how things may have been. We even have a mod review from Grand Master Z squeezed in too!

Huge thanks to all our listeners who supported us during our three years of doing this show! Big Troll, Orc, Tauren, and if you want, Undead hugs to everyone who kept us going! From the bottom of our Horde hearts we thank you!

Special Edition
" Nothing To Worry About… At This Time "

Download Here! explicit July 18, 2010 Size: 29.6 mb

A subject so outrageous and astonishing that we at FTH could not hold our tongues still until the next scheduled show!

So for your listening and educational pleasure, we bring to you this Special Edition of For The Horde Radio where we discuss the shameful actions taken by ActiBlizzard in their clumsy jamming of Real ID into World of Warcraft.

We actually give useful information in this one folks! Special guest Anim5 joins us to lay out just what went down. This episode is our heads up to the listeners to keep their eyes open because it’s not over yet.

If you’re in the mood for a good rant, don’t miss this episode!

Links to check out:'s Antivirus Articles RE: Real ID
Real Names - Real Risks
Common Myths About WOW Real ID
WOW Real ID - Really Bad Idea

Activision Track Record posted at Team Liquid
Outrageous Timeline

Press Release RE: Facebook
May 5th 2010

Inside Azeroth 55
Final Episode
( anim5 mistakenly cited "Steve" as the primary speaker in this show. It was actually David. Sorry. )

A Wealth of links to research posted by WOW Ladies on "Live Journal"
WOW Ladies - Real ID Fiasco - Master List

Episode Forty-Six 
" Won't Somebody Think of the Squirrels ! "

Download Here! explicit July 12, 2010 Size: 58.9 mb

For your listening pleasure, we bring you Episode Forty Six, crammed with talk of WoW lore, Cataclysm expectations, adventures during the Fire Festival, and why Thunderstep manages to get everyone lost!

We also have a special guest joining us from the Off the Air guild, so she can claim her revenge on us from embarrassing her on the last show.

Grand Master Z reviews a mod just for Guild Masters and Officers out there! And one or two special surprises thrown in for fun! Sure it is a long show, but what do you expect after a month?

Huge shoutouts and a thank you to all our listeners who wrote in for this episode!! And to everyone who listens to the show!

Grand Master Z Links mentioned from this episode include:

Guild Check

Episode Forty-Five - " We're Back ! "

Download Here! explicit   June 12, 2010 Size: 58.9 mb

That's right, we're back! With our break now over, we're here to give you all the yummy goodness that only a podcast of this nature can provide. You'll notice a few changes taking place with the show. Our format has now switched to a permanent Table Which Is Round! We've also gone to an explicit tag, so delicate ears beware.

Unfortunately Big V and Zogofxp weren't able to join us for our comeback show (they suck!) so you're stuck hearing Grand Master Z, Thunderstep and yours truly. However, we're not at a loss of things to talk about! Many adventures and stories have gone on during our time off, including some embarrassing tales, and we're more than delighted to share them with you!

Grand Master Z reviews some mods and, of course, we catch up on some emails. Thanks to all our listeners who missed us while we were gone! We're glad to be back and hope you continue to enjoy FTH Radio!

We're BAAAaaack.

Huge shoutouts and a thank you to all our listeners who wrote in for this episode!! And to everyone who listens to the show!

Episode Forty-Four- " Pugs! "

Download Here! explicit February 16, 2010 Size: 58.9 mb

Yes that's right, the dreaded Pugs are the topic of discussion for this pod! Not the cute ass-draggin' dogs but the dungeon finder! We even dragged in the Off the Air Guild to help with an experiment to demonstrate just how hideous they can be...or how pleasant.

Big V also experienced a bit of Pugness himself, and it's turned him into a gear-whore! And joining Big V in the barn this time is the Angry Dwarf, lending his view as only a beer drinking dwarf can. Grand Master Z also puts out handy mods for those willing to subject themselves to the pugness as well! Zogofxp's trial has begun in Undercity, hear the outcome! And another epic tale from "Fishing in the Nether!" (Having nothing to do with Pugs)

On a sadder note, FTH Radio is going on a long hiatus for a few months. We're not sure exactly when we're coming back, but when we do we'll bust through your speakers again with all the goodness that only a bunch of casual players can provide! (That is, if you download us)

Huge thank you to Saigan of Off the Air for doing up this great movie poster for us!! Click for a bigger view!

Huge shoutouts and a thank you to all our listeners who wrote in for this episode!! And to everyone who listens to the show! We hope you keep listening once we return!

Grand Master Z Links mentioned from this episode include:

Who Pulled
CC Breaker
Can't Heal You

Songs used in this episode:

Jonathan Coulton "Skullcrusher Mountain"& "Code Monkey"

Episode Forty-Three- "Our Own Worst Critic"

Download Here! explicit   January 18, 2010 Size: 64.4 mb

We're back for the New Year! Auntie Ed recaps the last few holiday events that have come and gone, andasks the question, "What exactly happened to the Abominations in the Undercity?" Also hear the tale of what happens when you put a podcaster on live for an interview.

We don't know what happened to Big V this time. We have a "View From the Barn" but we have no clue what the hell Big V is talking about in it. See if you can figure it out.

Zogofxp is tired of being fuzzy and warm with the holiday glow and has returned to his crabby old undead self. He's also managed to get himself locked up for destroying that Smoothie Bar. We didn't ask how.

Grand Master Z has sweet new mods to tell you about! See the links below to check them out! And "Fishing in the Nether" has returned with another exciting adventure!

Special thanks to Branigan of Madoran for sending in her great and handy tidbits about the types of folks you find in Looking for Group!
Special shoutout to the entire Off the Air Guild for their awesome call in! That was great guys! We appreciate it! Huge shoutouts andthank you to all our listeners whowrotein for this episode!! Grand Master Z Links mentioned from this episode include:


Songs used in this episode:

Bandel - "Top of the Mountain"
Special thanks to Bandel of Madoran for sending that in!

Nyhm - "Assassinate"

Special Holiday Show!- "A Winter Veil Tale"

Download Here!  December 20, 2009  Size: 32.7 mb

Happy Holidays! We at FTH Radio are happy and proud to present to you our special holiday show. It is "A Winter Veil Tale", written by Anim5 of IDDFOS podcast, adapted from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, and performed by the staff of FTH Radio.We didn't sing in this one, I promise!

We will be returning with our usual, spleen spewing show on January 17th, and will be catching up on all your emails then!

We hope you enjoy this special episode and from all of us at FTH Radio
we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and a very happy New

Big thanks to Saigan of Off The Air Guild for doing up this fabulous picture of the FTH staff!!


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