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I used to be an actor. I was paid for it even.
Now I'm a has-been what don't get paid no more.
Here's some movies.

"Taming of the Shrew" - Petruchio meets Katherine
Sept 29th  1990 - 7 minutes 28 seconds

Local Comedy - Local Stage "Wrinkles"
( I should have shaved my head )
February 16th 1991 - 8 minutes 10 seconds

Best Little Whorehouse In Texas
Screaming idiot in the white pants and Big White Wig
January 1st 1989 - 6 minutes 18 seconds
'Begins in blackness. 'Nothing wrong with your monitor.

Snippet from a Public Service Video
"Recycling Revolution"
Spring 1986 - 39 seconds

"Sunday In The Park With George"
Why I Always Sucked at Retail Sales Jobs
( Best Line Written in the Show)

The Rothchilds
Scene with Rob Reynolds, Paul Whelihan, Bruce Adler

Site modeling snippet for Industrial Video

The Lag Monster

Everything below here is from "Taming of the Shrew".
I put it here so I'll know where it is if I ever want to look at it again.

Shrew Verona

Shrew Dowry

Shrew Match

Shrew Wedding 1

Shrew Wedding 2

Shrew Home Coming

Shrew On The Road